RFP – Owner’s Representative and Construction Management Services

UPDATED 6/14/2024 – see addendums 1 & 2 link below.

The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership (the “Partnership”) is a nonprofit corporation, established under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code for the purpose of promoting and developing industry, commerce, and economic development in St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis, creating high-quality business and employment opportunities, and enhancing the quality of life by advancing long-term, diversified growth throughout the St. Louis region.

The Partnership owns a bio-technology business incubator located at 1100 Corporate Square Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63132, commonly known as the Helix Center. The Partnership intends to make several capital improvements to the Helix Center, including, but not limited to:

  • Updates to shared lab space
  • Updates to current and additional wet lab space
  • Updates to equipment farm, including floor drainage, flooring, and painting
  • Updates to electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler system
  • Updated generator
  • Freight elevator and loading dock improvements
  • Restroom renovations
  • Improvements to foyer and first floor layout

Hereinafter, this list shall collectively be referred to as “the Improvements.”

Currently, the Partnership is working with an architecture firm, Tao & Lee Associates Inc., on design and construction drawings, as well as the establishment of a budget, for these Improvements to the Helix Center. The Improvements will be funded by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (“HRSA”) in the amount of Three Million Three Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars ($3,360,000).

The Partnership solicits proposals for Owner’s Representative/Construction Management Services to oversee the construction of the Improvements. The qualified firm will work closely with members of the project team, including the Partnership, architects, engineers, and other consultants directly contracted by the Partnership, to ensure the construction of all Improvements are within the budget, schedule, and quality constraints stipulated by the Partnership (the “Services”).

Scope of Services
The firm shall provide all necessary work to construct the Improvements, including but not limited to, the following Services:

  • Serve as Owner’s Representative as the construction manager
  • Assist Partnership staff with preparation of the plan for construction
  • Review technical, architectural and engineering documents
  • Oversee site preparation activities and represent the Partnership’s interest in communications with outside contractors, subcontractors, and vendors, as appropriate
  • Oversee construction of Improvements, including construction quality control monitoring, testing, and inspections
  • Generate detailed schedules, phasing plans, site logistical plans, and operational impact plans, as appropriate and necessary
  • Provide and document digital photo logs of the construction progress
  • Coordinate and document communications with and among the Partnership, architects, engineers, and other contractors
  • Work closely with Partnership staff to ensure procurement of all additional professional services are in compliance with internal procurement requirements and federal grant requirements
  • Coordinate activities of contractors, subcontractors, and relevant agencies
  • Resolve disputes and issues related to the Improvements as they arise
  • Advocate for the Partnership’s interests of quality, timely, and cost-sensitive construction while maintaining professional relationships with contractors
  • Provide project coordination and management of contractors and subcontractors
  • Provide and monitor overall progress of construction
  • Establish, monitor, and maintain safety and progress meetings
  • Review requests for changes and negotiate change order, with final terms and prices subject to approval by the Partnership
  • Issue monthly progress reports to the Partnership and advise Partnership of situations relating to cost or timing of the construction or disputes that have or may result in the installation of work or materials that are not in accordance with the plans and specifications for the construction
  • Knowledge of laboratory space needs, equipment, and functions are a plus

See full proposal here.

See Addendum 1 here.

See Addendum 2 here.

Proposals Due By:
Friday, June 21, 2024, at 3:00 PM CST

St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
ATTN: Missy DeMarco
120 S. Central Avenue, Suite 200
St. Louis, Missouri 63105
(314) 615-7663
[email protected]