Business Incubator
Lemay Business Incubator

Affordable Amenities

The Lemay Business Incubator is the place to be for new ideas and the next generation of successful, high-potential companies.

The Lemay Business Incubator features office, warehouse and production space for startup and early stage small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Affordable, high-quality space is just the beginning. Take advantage of every opportunity to build momentum for your venture by signing up for space at this facility. Our team can put your business on the fast track with on-site support, fresh insights, connection to capital, networking and customized mentoring.

Exterior photo of the Lemay Business Center. The sign reads, "STLVENTURE WORKS - ENERGIZE YOUR ENTERPRISE"


315 Lemay Ferry Road
Lemay, MO 63125


Office: 110-1,640 SF
Warehouses/Production: 690 SF
Retail: 1,050-1,640 SF
Phone: 636-615-7694

For More Information, Contact:

Dennis Ayo
[email protected]