Image of the Mississippi river that says St. Louis Regional Freightway 2021 Priority Project List

FreightWeekSTL 5/18 – 5/22

The St. Louis Regional Freightway hosted FreightWeekSTL, a virtual event that allows industry leaders to share ideas and help develop the latest innovations that are shaping the freight industry. Discussion topics and speakers continued to explore ways to support the long-term growth of manufacturing and logistics industries; the virtual event also included insight on how COVID-19 has impacted the St. Louis region and the nation.

Expert Interview: The Unique Selling Points of the STL Region

On Wednesday, May 20, the Expert interview panel featured David Branding, Managing Director for the St. Louis office of JLL, a world leader in real estate services, and discussed the compelling selling points the St. Louis region has to offer site selectors and national and international companies.

The conversation delved into why a business would choose St. Louis to establish themselves.

“I think the answer is a simple one,” Branding said. “It is central location with multiple modes of transportation, and a large, diverse workforce. I think oftentimes we look for silver bullet-type answer of what we may need here to attract new business. I think we have all that we need here from a point of entry standpoint to attract business here.”

Watch the interview here.

St. Louis Regional Freightway’s 2021 Priority Projects List

As part of FreightWeekSTL 2020, the St. Louis Regional Freightway’s 2021 Priority Projects List has been released. The list is a valuable tool used to advocate for support and funding for critical infrastructure improvements that strengthen the St. Louis region’s position as a world-class freight and logistics hub to the national and global supply chains.

Updates to the 2021 Priority Project List include identification of specific sections of the I-70 projects in St. Charles County, improvements along I-55 in Jefferson County and a Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis dewatering project in front of the Gateway Arch National Park.

View the full report on the 2021 Priority Freight Projects here.

Latest Industrial Market Report for the St. Louis Region

The last day of FreightWeekSTL focused on the release of the latest Industrial Market Report for the St. Louis region and a virtual chat with Doug Rasmussen, President & CEO of Steadfast City Economic & Community Partners to discuss the findings of a series of recent interviews with industry leaders regarding their views of the St. Louis region and its appeal for site selectors, as well as an evaluation of the region’s workforce and manufacturing and logistics markets.

Watch the interview here.