Dellwood Pharmacy, Continuing to be a Staple in the Community

Image of a pharmacy offering free flu shots
Employee at Dellwood Pharmacy 

Employee at Dellwood Pharmacy

Located in the St. Louis Promise Zone, Dellwood Pharmacy is the only immigrant Black owned pharmacy in the area and continues to thrive. Some of the services the pharmacy offers are medication therapy management, wellness classes, diabetes support, flu vaccinations, free delivery and education and blood pressure screenings.

The STL Partnership has also helped to provide Dellwood Pharmacy with a Rapid Deployment Grant to help the business sustain during COVID-19. “The STL Partnership made the process really easy and straight forward,” said Rebecca Mawuenyega, Owner of Dellwood Pharmacy.

Dellwood Pharmacy evolved from an existing pharmacy, Rehoboth Pharmacy, LLC which was started in 2007. “With the closure of two Walgreens located within a few miles of this location, when the owner decided to sell, I decided to take on the challenge by acquiring it to help prevent a pharmacy desert in this underserved area,” said Rebecca.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Dellwood Pharmacy has also been able to accomplish major milestones. “We have been able to play a small part in the curb of this pandemic which has inevitably consumed every part of our lives,” said Mawuenyega. “We have been able to give a thousand flu shots to people within the community and free shots to people without any health care coverage.”

“We are also able to provide Prescription Cost Assistance to people with a high copay and those without any health insurance through a grant we received from St Louis County Care Act Grant.”

Dellwood Pharmacy is also looking to become a testing site for COVID-19 and provide vaccinations. “Being a health care business, we have decided to invest in COVID-19 relief related activities such as vaccinations and testing,” said Rebecca. “We are also looking for resources to help reduce the prescription cost burden for our patients to help them remain compliant with their medication regime and reduce the impact of COVID-19 for them should they be exposed.”

Dellwood Pharmacy also wants to continue being an important staple in the community. “We will continue to pursue more grants to help the underserved in our community as well as immigrants with their prescription cost, provide free vaccinations and help create a healthier community in the process,” said Mawuenyega.

For more information about Dellwood Pharmacy visit their website here.