Betsy Cohen, Mosaic Project Executive Director to Speak at TEDxStLouis

Graphic of Betsy. Text reads, "TEDx St. Louis Woman Two Steps Forward. October 27, 2023."

Watch Betsy’s Tedx talk here. 

In just under two weeks, St. Louis Mosaic Project Executive Director, Betsy Cohen, is set to take center stage at the upcoming TEDxStlouis event on October 27, 2023 at the Touhill Performing Arts Center.

TEDx events have become renowned platforms for inspiring and influential speakers to share their ideas and stories with the world. This year’s event, which features all women speakers, promises to celebrate the bold strides each speaker has taken to work towards a more equitable community.

As the Executive Director of the St. Louis Mosaic Project, Cohen is no stranger to making the city more welcoming and inclusive for people of all backgrounds, especially immigrants and newcomers. Her talk is expected to highlight the transformations the Mosaic Project has accomplished, from boosting local economy, to making St. Louis a more culturally diverse community.

“Preparing, memorizing, and sharing a TEDx talk is different from a normal presentation,” said Cohen. “It is about storytelling to tell your message. My talk about the experiences of immigrants adding to our region and country brings that to life. I am excited to have this opportunity.”

Alongside Cohen, TEDxStlouis has assembled a lineup of inspiring women who will also share their own unique stories.  These speakers will offer diverse perspective and ideas, and highlight the importance of inclusivity and representation.

Other speakers at TEDxStLouis:

Cynthia Chapple, Founder & CEO of Black Girls Do STEM and CC Black Lab
Julie Antonic, Actress and Playwright for Prison Performing Arts, Artist and owner of ArtTonic
Legacy Jackson, Founder of Little Legacies Community Service Organization
Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Associate Professor at Washington University St. Louis
Naomi Wheeless, Board of Directors at Eventbrite

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