Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant Serving Delicious Meals for Over 100 Years

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Image of a burger

Fried chicken sandwich (photo courtesy of Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant)

Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant has been serving the community delicious meals for over 100 years. The restaurant is located in the heart of downtown and specializes in delectable lunch and dinner options for everyone to enjoy. Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant is considered one of St. Louis’ oldest hidden gems and brought to life by molding the history of the original restaurant with a vibrant modern touch.

Beffa’s opened as a saloon in the 1800’s and eventually switched to serving food. “Beffa’s was started back in 1898 by my great grandfather Attilio Beffa and his brother Anselmo Beffa and over the years, generation after generation has continued the traditions of the restaurant,” said Owner Paul Beffa. “When you enter you can still see the old murals and the cigarette machine and we are one of the very few St. Louis businesses that can say we started in the 1800’s and are blessed to be able to continue to serve this great city.”

Due to COVID-19, Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant had to change their concept a number of times to ensure their survival. “We have launched our catering and small private business parties to target people and companies in the area that would like to have boxed lunches, or have a small party with coworkers,” said Beffa. “We are also looking at installing additional patio seating with heaters or fireplaces.” 

Image of a man at a bar

Attilio Beffa (photo courtesy of Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant)

The restaurant also received an Economic Development Administration (EDA) loan through the STL Partnership for working capital and to purchase some items to help them operate safely through the winter. “The additional financing will allow us to make some improvements to the our restaurant and to ensure the customers feel safe and welcomed,” said Beffa.


Lamb, hummus, goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, crema & chimichurri (photo courtesy of Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant)


“My family has always said although we may have some of the best food in St. Louis, we believe what truly makes a difference is how we treat our customers time and time again,” said Beffa. “We provide a sense of belonging that you just can’t find anywhere else.”

Beffa expressed his passion and wants to continue to see his restaurant thrive. “We are open and we need your support, now more than ever,” said Beffa. “We are thankful to be able to serve St. Louis for so many years and would love to keep the tradition alive.”

To learn more about Beffa’s Bar and Restaurant and to view their menu click here.